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For us, chocolate is never just chocolate.

Chocolate is an experience.

So Rich Chocolates!!! elevate your palate to help you recognize and appreciate bold, complex flavors. When you pair our indulgent confections with fine wines, beers, and spirits, you craft a symphony of sophisticated tastes. It’s music to your mouth.

Handmade with only locally sourced and fair-trade ingredients, So Rich Chocolates!!! contain all-natural flavors and no preservatives. From White Chocolate Lemon Truffle paired with Chardonnay; to Salted Milk Chocolate Dipped Caramel with Pinot Noir; to Ghost Chile Chocolate with your favorite IPA; subtle notes from each uniquely pure treat will make your taste buds sing.

Contact us to learn more about harmonious pairings, discover your favorite combinations, and become a true chocolate connoisseur.