Hand Crafted Artisan Made Chocolates






Our Mission:
So Rich! Chocolates is committed to keeping the craft of candy making and confections alive.  Every recipe is created with care using the highest of quality ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible.  Each piece is hand dipped and promises to deliver unique flavors created by ingredients found only in their natural state.  All chocolate used is Fair Trade, and made locally in California. 


Our Flavors:
Classic flavors such as caramels and toffees are made with real butter and whipping cream; while spices of Chipotle, The Ghost Chile and the Scorpion are combined to create a perfect contrast of sweet and spicy with hints of salt.   Specializing in custom made chocolates, flavors are constantly being developed and invented.  The philosophy is “You think of it, and we’ll do it!!!”


Our Pairings:
So Rich! Chocolates specializes in pairing with Craft Beer, Wines and Spirits.  Collaborations of the crafts of confections, brewing and winemaking are the perfect opportunity to elevate experiences of the palette and educate about flavor profiles and styles found locally in Southern California.